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Freeze-dried collagen infusion mask.  

This mask is easy to apply. Biomatrix collagen fibre is placed on the skin, and activated with Cristal Lfting Gel.  After 30 minutes the collagen mask peels off.  

This mask deminishes wrinkles, deep lines, large pores and uneven skin.  It instantly soothes, hydrates and regenerates tired and aged skin.  This masks is very tightening and is the closest thing to an instant face lift. The sheets can be cut to size for smaller applications.

Freeze-dried biomatrix made of pure, insoluble collagen fibres containing. Myoxinol, a plant-derived complex from hibiscus esculentus seeds,  8 ½ x 11 size. To be used in combination with »intensa« Sensitive Crystal Gel. Suitable for all skin types.

10 fleece sheets 8 1/2 x 11 size / 250ml Crystal Gel

Pure Collagen Sheets

SKU: 1114
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