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“Signature Brush Technique©” Beginner Facial Training

2 Day Workshop

Course Format

This course consists of theory and practical.

Participants will gain valuable experience working on each-other under

the Educators supervision.

This 18 Hour workshop includes:

* Theory

* Massage techniques

* Histology of the skin

* How to identify skin types and common skin conditions

* Importance of massage, pressure, touch, towel and brush techniques

* Demonstration of proper facial technique

* Signature Brush Technique©

* Blackhead extraction using Advanced Technique Body Sugaring™ if


* How to choose products for your facial

* Practical will include 2 full facials

* Customer service, comfort

* Marketing

* Tips of the Trade by Experienced Educators

* Written Exam & Practical Evaluation

* Certificate issued upon successful completion

Contact Us for class dates and location

Signature Brush Technique Beginner Facial Training

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