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This highly beneficial exfoliating fruit acid peel, deep cleanses large pores and refines the skin’s texture. White
tea polyphenols, papaya, black current and algae extract are in the formula, and the skin feels silky soft after
application. This highly effective gel peeling formula, cleanses deeply using fruit acids but also through zymatic
activity (papaya).
The thickened upper layer of the skin will be gently removed to allow better penetration by subsequent active
ingredients. The intensity of hyper-pigmented spots are reduced. It also contains White Tea with anti-aging
properties. The Indian incense contained in the gel is an ancient ayurvedic remedy which strengthens the pitta
energy and is considered to be anti-inflammatory.

Apply generously onto cleansed skin. After 10-20 minutes remove thoroughly with moist compresses.
A slight tingling after application is normal.

White Tea Gel Peel 30ml

SKU: 1200
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