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Fresh Professional is a wholesale distributor of professional spa, holistic, natural products, and supplies.

As part of the distribution to “end customer delivery”, your client, our services also include practitioner training and education to ensure that our customers are successful in providing the highest quality products and services to their clients.
Our product lists are expanding, to provide a variety of options and now include a wellness line, fragrance-free, natural, far infrared, light therapies etc.

Established in 1991, the Fresh Professional wholesale and distribution office,  could see a need in the Salon / Spa and Wellness industry.  Our focus is to provide our customers with national access to Supplies, Equipment, and most importantly, Training and Education for our customers and their clients. Fresh Professional offers a variety of professional training which continues to be refined and expanded by our professional Educators. This gives your business the option to have continuous career education and additional add-on services with certified practitioners.

Fresh Professional delivers training and certification for Alexandria Professional, available in Western Canada to salons, spas and individuals looking to expand their careers, as Alexandria Professional West. One-stop shopping for business makes financial sense. We ensure that your business has the best products, training, and service and our products are shipped direct to your office, using convenient online ordering.

For more information about training courses, Email or call 403-253- 6665 or toll free 1-888- 457-8427

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