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Our skin is as precious and individual as our personalities are. To feel and look healthy and beautiful it needs regular, high grade and tailored beauty care.

The DR.BELTER® COSMETIC professional care concept meets these demands by combining well proven, natural and medicinal plant extracts with the latest patented ingredients. All products are made of 95-100% natural ingredients and are free of parabens as well as mineral and silicone oils.


Built on highly pure skin-identical raw materials and precious oils of plant origin, the formulas ensure excellent skin compatibility and comfort.

The DR.BELTER® company and family is dedicated to providing the professional field with safe and effective cosmetic products, which reaffirm the quality seal: made in Germany in every way. With our products even the most sensitive and challenging skin conditions can be treated successfully.


Characterized by the unique purity and effectiveness of the high-dosage and primarily natural ingredients. Dr. Belter Ampoules can visibly, quickly and successfully redress individual skin problems. From the first to the last drop you will be convinced by these precious ampoules. Short applications over a long period of time have proved to be extremely successful.


The »intensa« care series encompasses intensive products, suitable either for all skin types, or to address particular beauty issues or special skin situations for occasional application. The application spectrum addresses individual skin deficiencies, effectively supporting the natural beauty Cosmetic masks are designed to be used whenever the aim is to provide relaxation and intensive care for the skin. The mask treatments give the skin added vitality, freshness and elasticity.

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